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chicken lettuce wrap on a white plate

Lettuce wraps with chicken and cucumber

  • Author: Magali
  • Prep Time: 15 min
  • Cook Time: 20 min
  • Total Time: 35 min
  • Yield: 4 1x
  • Category: Lunch


You can put any type of vegetable in those wraps . I used cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, bean sprouts.


  • 2 Chicken breasts
  • 1 cup Carrots (cut in strips)
  • 1 cup Celery roots (sliced)
  • 1 Cucumber (cut in strips)
  • 2 Cups bean sprouts
  • A bunch of cilantro
  • Salt and Pepper (as desired)
  • For the green sauce:
  • 1 large garlic clove
  • ¼ cup cilantro
  • ¼ cup shallots
  • 1 tsp of water
  • ½ tsp  fish sauce (hoisin-soy sauce)
  • ¼ cup lime juice
  • ¼ cup honey


  1. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the chicken. Grill it or cook it on the stove with some olive oil. Cut them in dices and put them aside.
  2. For the sauce: Mix all the ingredients together and put it aside. Let it sit for 15 min.
  3. Arrange all the ingredients on a large platter, then pour the sauce into a dish and place it in the middle.
  4. You can serve the platter like this and let your guest make their own wraps or you can make small wraps already made.

Keywords: lettuce wrap, chicken